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Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

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Let’s talk about what Childhood Apraxia of Speech is and some of the characteristics that your child may be presenting.  


Apraxia is a speech disorder that impacts a child’s ability to motor plan the sequence of sounds to form words. 

It is considered a ‘neurological’ speech disorder.  I know that sounds scary; however, it does not necessarily mean that there are concerns with your child’s brain.


Kids with Childhood Apraxia of Speech or CAS: 

  • Often did not babble when they were babies.
  • Have a lack of sounds overall in their sound inventory including vowels and consonants.
  • Experience difficulty moving from one sound to another when attempting words.
  • Experience difficulty using different intonations (i.e. prosody) within their speech.  For example, even when kids are using single words, they can change their inflection by raising it at the end to sound like a question (e.g. “cooKIE?”), or use elongated stress in their intonation when they are calling out to someone (“MO…MMY!”).  These things can be noticeably difficult for kids with CAS.


The correct person to diagnose and treat CAS is a Speech Language Pathologist that has experience in CAS.  Once motor planning issues are suspected, or a diagnosis of CAS is confirmed, we know what to do!!  Experienced speech therapists use current research and methods to implement ‘motor learning principles’ within therapy to take steps in progress.  Speech therapy will entail teaching your child how to move from one sound to another in a systemized fashion with a lot of repetition and should include a lot of fun! 


If you think your child could be a candidate for Speech Therapy, fill out our contact form and we will schedule an evaluation session with your family!


The National Library of Medicine has an excellent publication with additional information on Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

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